Artist Submisions are closed for 2017

Bluestone Fine Art Gallery receives a large number of artist submissions.  Gallery owner, Pam Regan, reviews all submissions.  Please use the following guidelines for submitting artwork.  You will be contacted, if the gallery is interested in learning more about you and your artwork.

Please email the following items to with the subject line, Artist submission information. 
1.  3-5 jpegs.  Each jpeg should be labeled with your last name & title of work.
2.  List of details for the jpegs: Title, year, medium, dimensions, price
3.  Artist Statement
4.  Resume with exhibition history
5.  Link to artist’s website

Items Bluestone considers in the review process
1.  The artwork is exceptional
2.  The artist is currently creating new artwork
3.  The artist creates in a style that the gallery doesn’t already represent
4.  The artwork is desirable to our clients
5.  The artwork expands Bluestone’s current client demographics 

Resons not to apply
1.  You haven't created any artwork in 2016
2.  You haven't sold any art in 2016
3.  You don't represent your works on social media
4.  You haven't reviewed my website or visited the gallery
5.  You don't have a website to link to the Bluestone site
6.  You visited the gallery and assumed I could stop what I was doing to                          review your art.  This goes double on First Friday.

Thank you for your interest in Bluestone Fine Art Gallery!
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