My abstract paintings on this site are from two series. One series is inspired by the peaceful, yet rugged, terrain of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides Islands, where the combination of their moors, majestic cliffs, rocky green hillsides, grey skies, calm lakes, fog, rough seas and distant mountains creates a transcendental experience for me. As an abstract artist, I was drawn to the relationship between water, sky and earth that I experienced there. Their ever-changing skies give way to a constant play of light and dark upon the earth and water. There is also an overwhelming influence of blue/grey and green/yellow everywhere, peppered with deep browns and creamy whites in the vistas of the Outer Hebrides.

The other series depicted on this site was inspired by the aging stone in eroding walls, buildings and other structures. I see things in the stone surface – an abstract landscape, an atmosphere, other worlds. As with most of my painting, I think of this work as peaceful and meditative with a sense of mystery.

With all of my paintings, I work with oil on canvas, using primarily oil sticks, palette knives, scrapers and any tools that give me the texture and surface I want. With some of my paintings, I start with a ground of ceramic stucco to increase the tactile quality. I build layers of paint until the painting develops a rich history and texture. I want the viewer to see the artist’s hand in my work. I look for the unexpected as I work and allow the process to reveal or uncover what is there. In the end, the panting becomes what it wants to be.