My abstract paintings on this site are from two series. In my most recent series, the non-objective abstract paintings were inspired by the energy force that exists within the universe. When I work on these paintings, I have no preconceived imagery in mind. I just start and let the painting take me where I need to go. It is very intuitive work. Scientists say energy can neither
be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. That theory of energy changing and being transferred is what informs this work.
In the other series of work on this site, my abstract landscapes were inspired by the ever-changing relationship between water, sky and earth.
I work with oil on canvas and sometimes oil and cold wax on board, using primarily oil sticks, palette knives, scrapers and any tools that give me the texture and surface I want. I build layers of paint until the painting develops a rich history and texture. I want the viewer to see the artist’s hand in my work. I embrace the unexpected and allow the process to reveal or uncover what is there. That is when the painting becomes what it wants to be.
As with all of my paintings, I think of the work in both of these series as peaceful and meditative with a sense of mystery.