statement about me:
I feel that I was born with the love of art in my soul. A native of Lancaster County, I earned my BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and have owned TCG Design in East Petersburg for more than 27 years. Even though I am in a creative business, something was always missing. After the last of my three children became more independent, I was drawn to pursue my love of painting. Now I paint every day, rising before the sun. Committing to this daily practice fits perfectly into my busy life. Over the past seven years, I have developed a consistent style in my painting. Yet my subject matter is diverse – from florals and landscapes to birds and fruit –with a holiday ornament or summer crab mixed in to celebrate a special moment in time. 
statement about my work:
Painting with the buttery richness of oil paint is fluid and magical. I favor clean colors and intentional brushstrokes to keep my paintings bright and inviting. I want my paintings to inspire your eyes to dance across the canvas and leave you feeling calm and happy. My style is impressionistic with a touch of my graphic design background shining through. Quite simply, I strive to delight and make the world more beautiful, one painting at a time.